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Various Malaysian Home Loans


It is every Malaysian’s dream to own their own home or invest in a piece of property for long term gains. However, many are not familiar with the types of financing available to them. In order to un...

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Ten Ways to Increase the Value of Your Property


Buying a property with the idea of renting it out or reselling it is a common way to generate income and is a popular business model. However, some home owners are at a loss at how to improve their p...

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Credit Cards and Debit Cards: What’s the Difference?


Right, so now you have all these shiny cards from different banks in your wallet or purse, but the bank staff member is giving you confusing explanations and you feel very lost. What are all these thi...


How to Know you’re Paying a Property’s True Price


As a buyer of a piece of property, you may sometimes face various questions about the property itself. The most pressing question of all is of course “Am I being overcharged for this piece of proper...

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Real Estate Vocabulary for Beginners


If you are a lay person who has no idea what your real estate agent is talking about when he says ‘Mortgage’, ‘Base Lending Rate’ and so on, fret not. You, like the majority of people out ther...

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A Homeowners Guide to Being Good Neighbours


When we buy a home, we often cannot choose who our neighbours are. They may be from different backgrounds, religions and race from us. They come in various shades of personalities and characters. Livi...


A House Owners Guide on Keeping Your Tenants Happy


Owning a house and renting it out is a moment you as a house owner can be proud of. This is because you can now be considered as running your own business and can manage an independent source of incom...

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Additional Costs for Homeowners?


When buying a house, often consumers have the idea that they only need to pay a down payment, take a loan to pay off the rest and cover legal, renovation and moving in costs. However, owning a proper...

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