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Homeowner’s Guide to Low Budget Home Decorating


Contrary to popular belief, decorating one’s home does not have to involve a big budget. This misconception has led to many home owners to neglect any form of home decoration as it is seen as unnece...


Protecting Yourself from Property Scams


Most of the time, the agents that you meet are true and genuine people who are honest with you. In fact, it is very rare in Malaysia to meet scammers. However, real estate fraud is still an issue a...

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Keeping Your Home Safe on Long Holidays


In multiracial Malaysia, we have public holidays aplenty to accommodate the different races and religions and Boy, do we love our vacations! Of course we must remember that criminals don’t take brea...

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A Young Adult’s Guide on How to Save Money for A House


There is a popularly held opinion that it is almost impossible for young people below 35 to own property in this day and age. This is compounded by recent reports that bankruptcy among the younger g...

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Some Guidelines on How to Sell Your Own House


As the competitive world of property sales and marketing progresses, we find that more and more house owners are taking it upon themselves to actually sell their own houses or commercial lots. This i...

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Simple Guide to Obtaining a Home Loan in Malaysia


Newcomers to the world of property financing are often worried and scared about making large financial decisions as it involves a large amount of their savings and earnings. One wrong move could land ...

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Tips on Deciding Where to Buy Your Property


When deciding on where to buy a piece of property,location is everything.Location is a big determining factor in whether the value of the property goes up and the degree to which it appreciates. Addit...

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Landed Property vs High Rises Development, Where to Put Your Money?


Once you have the budget to buy a home or invest for rent or resale, it’s a pretty weighty decision to choose where to put your money. For those wanting to buy a home, there are factors such as fami...

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Basic Guides for First Time Property Investors in Malaysia


When you begin to have an interest in property investment, it can be a very heavy decision where to place your hard earned money. Investing in property can be very tricky and risky if you make the wro...

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Top 5 Tips for Young Adults to Rent Property in Malaysia


Leaving home is a daunting situation for many young adults who are usually striking out on their own either to work or study. While some may relish in their new found freedom,the loss of familiar surr...

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